this is the ending.
hell is full of lovers
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heaven ain't close: take off and landings

beijing subway station

some shots on the streets of beijing

breathing a lot of circulated air

it always feels like night because the lights are on all the time

can't think

too many people, too little communication

so i'm sitting in white sheets like clouds listening to my cds and watching the sleek black cars pull in through the window

heels on red carpet, clacking, echoing down the floor.

(i am the ugly lover you'll find us rolling on the dirty floor / i'm a bellydancer i'll shake forever and i'll never care)

i wish it was november, i wish i could just pop in at any point on my lifeline. then i'd probably go near to the very end, and see what's happening there

the elevator bell's always ringing as people pass by floors swiftly, silently, the air conditioning sighs out steadily

i'm tired, i'm holding fake conversations in my head again.

i'm tired, i don't need a lot of the things i have.